Tip of the month by Chris Cochrane
Quickpicks – some more details

To complete the story on quickpicks. When you enter a date as part of a filter and create a quickpick you will be asked how the date should be treated in the future. We have provided options for the common dates, like the first day of last month, the first day of next month, the first day of last week etc. It is technically possible to add other dates by manually changing the quickpick details but if you have a date range requirement that we do not cater for please contact us and we will try to include it in a future release.

Also quickpicks are cumulative. That is you can click multiple quickpicks and they will add onto the filter list. So you might have a quickpick for (say) pending quotes from last week and another for a particular salesman. Clicking both of these will result in a selection for pending quotes from last week for that salesman. To clear out the results of previous quickpicks, or manually selected filter lines, click the reset button in the top right hand corner of the selection screen. If you want to only remove some of the filter lines you can un-tick the relevant boxes on the right hand end of the filter grid.

Details on the selection filter can also be changed after you have selected a quickpick. So in the above example you could change the salesman’s code and run the selection for a different person.

The top quickpick is always the default. Some Printcost browse screens open with the complete list of items showing. We have done this for files that we expect will only have a small number of records, and will therefore display quickly. Other files that we expect will have a larger number of quick picks automatically show the selection filter screen when they are first opened. In this case, the top quickpick will be defaulted. If you don’t like that default, create another quickpick, and it will become the top one and therefore the default. If it’s only you who wants this default, you can make it a personal quickpick (this is an option when you create a quickpick) and it will not affect other users.

Perhaps with this and last month’s tip I have put the cart a little in front of the horse as after last month I was asked to explain what filters are. I don’t have enough space this month but will explain filters in more detail next month.

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“We first installed Printcost in 1995 when the company had 35 staff, since then various modules have been added to keep up with the increasing requirements
of the company, which now has 100-plus staff. One of the biggest benefits I get from Printcost is the KPI reports. It used to take
us one hour per day to compile the spreadsheet, but now ePrintcost does it all automatically and sends it to me wherever I am in the world."

Fred Soar, Soar Printing, Auckland, New Zealand