Tip of the month by Chris Cochrane

Approximately once a year, usually on Melbourne Cup day, I’ll make an investment on a horse race, as the TAB would say. Sometimes this includes a quickpick. My understanding of a TAB quickpick is therefore somewhat limited, but there are other quickpicks.

In Printcost you can create your own quickpicks, without any investment in the TAB. Quick picks are predetermined selection criteria for a Printcost selection filter. When you click the Sel button in Printcost you open the filter screen. This allows you to browse a list of records in a Printcost file and allows you to limit the selection by excluding items that do not meet your required selection criteria.

The selection criteria are listed in the box on the lower half of the filter screen. In the top left half are a number of quick picks. Some of these have been created by Printcost, so for example there is a quickpick for work in the factory. Clicking this will invoke the selection of a range of invoice numbers from nothing up to “0000” (i.e. no invoice number) and a selection on despatch date equals nothing (i.e. no despatch date).  This selection therefore excludes all jobs that have been invoiced or have been despatched. It is our assumption that jobs that have a despatch date, or have been invoiced, are no longer work in the factory.

But you are not limited to the quickpicks that Printcost provides. You can create your own.

To create your own quickpick, start by setting up the selection criteria you require. You can use existing quick picks to build the criteria or you can click in the lower left cell on the selection grid and add another selection option.

Once you have the criteria correct, click on the create quickpick button. Enter the name you want to see in the quick pick list, decide whether this quick pick is just for you (leave the “create personal quickpick option” ticked) or un-tick this option to make the quickpick available to all Printcost users. Then click the OK button. When displayed, personal quickpicks have a period (.) before the description.

The order in which quickpicks are listed is: Personal ones at the top, company wide ones next and Printcost ones last. Within these “groups” they are in date created order – most recent at the top. You cannot change this order. If you wish to move a quickpick to the top of the list you need to create a new one. You can do this very easily, click reset, click the quickpick required, click create quickpick and type in the name. You may use the same name again.

To delete a quickpick, right click on it and confirm the delete request. You cannot delete Printcost quickpicks.

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“We first installed Printcost in 1995 when the company had 35 staff, since then various modules have been added to keep up with the increasing requirements
of the company, which now has 100-plus staff. One of the biggest benefits I get from Printcost is the KPI reports. It used to take
us one hour per day to compile the spreadsheet, but now ePrintcost does it all automatically and sends it to me wherever I am in the world."

Fred Soar, Soar Printing, Auckland, New Zealand