Tip of the month by Chris Cochrane
Quote Groups

Ever wanted to present a single quote to your customer for a complete stationery set including invoice books, business cards, letterheads, envelopes and follow ons? This is exactly what Quote Groups are for.  Quote groups are a simple way to group together two or more quotes. 

A quote group is similar to a quote in that it is created for a particular customer and has its own title and description, date, customer reference, entered by and salesman fields.  It does not have any costs associated directly with it.  The costs in a quote group come only from the details within the quotes included in the group.

On the bottom half of the quote group screen is a list of quotes.  This list can show either all quotes for the quote group customer or just those included in the group depending upon the “show all quotes” tick box.

When all quotes are shown for a customer, you can include a quote into the group simply by ticking the box in the left column of the list.  Alternatively from a quote you can copy the quote and include it into the current group, this is useful when you want to use a quote done for a different customer.

A quote group quote letter can include details from each quote (such as title, description, quantity and price) or it may only show the total price for the quote group.  You do this using forms design.

You can create jobs from a quote group.  When you do this you can select which quotes are to be created as jobs – you do not have to create a job for all them.

I’ll continue with more details next month.

Does Size Matter?

Kieth Stubley of Elite Colour Print, and with an English background, has a different opinion on size (see my article from last month).  He says in Europe and USA, the size that runs along the grain is always the second size without exception.  This of course does not define which edge is bound (in a bound product).

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