Tip of the month by Chris Cochrane

Meet Lee Marshall, the fastest travelling marshal in the west, or the east, north or south for that matter.  Many of you have probably spoken to Lee on the phone and have had him help you through small or large problems.  Lee can be in Perth, Australia one minute and Invercargill literally a minute later.  How does he travel so far so quickly? It’s simple really, he uses pcANYWHERE, a tool that allows Lee to operate computers remotely, just like he was sitting in your office. 

What you need at your end is a modem or a fast internet link, and pcANYWHERE (available from Symantec, your local computer dealer or you can purchase it from us).  When support is required it’s just a matter of contacting us and arranging a suitable time to run the program (in some hardware configurations, if a permanent connection is not included, it may be necessary to plug the modem into the phone line).

Once we take control of your computer we can perform almost any function we could do if we were on site.  We can use this to fix problems, install upgrades or new modules and even to show you how Printcost and other programs work.  It allows us to virtually be in your office without the travel cost.

pcANYWHERE is not expensive, costs will vary but should be around $300 plus GST.  This software can be used to remotely access your system from your home computer too.  In this case you will need a either a modem at home (or fast internet connection if using that at the office) then all you need to remember to do is run the software at work before you leave. You can then access the system and do quotes etc on line, even emailing them via the Printcost fax/email option. Believe it or not people do this even from their holiday homes!

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“We first installed Printcost in 1995 when the company had 35 staff, since then various modules have been added to keep National Lifeboat Institution) in the UK. This allows each branch to call-off stock items and track the progress of their orders which are printed at the charity’s head office in Poole, Dorset. The system will save the RNLI hundreds of hours per year which would previously have been spent filling out and re-keying manual requisitions. The RNLI has been a Printcost customer since 1999.