Stock Control

The stock control system integrates with the Purchase Orders module, so that goods received into the warehouse can be checked against the order. Similarly, when the invoice is received, this can be checked electronically against both the delivery note and the purchase order. Incorporating the stock control module into your system enhances the order planning function by considering the quantity of stock on hand before creating purchase orders. The order planning function can also automate the issue of stock to jobs, which in turn updates the Printshop Management records. next

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There used to be 98 staff here, which we reduced to 62 five years ago. Now we’ve grown to 160 staff and our revenue has expanded ten fold. Printcost has played a huge role in our success.
The staff are also very happy with Printcost – they were using another system which cost a fortune. Now, with Printcost, they can quote a lot faster and more competitively.”
David Daniel, MD of CanPrint Communication, Canberra, Australia