One or more invoices can be raised per job and to different accounts or addresses if required. Invoices can also be raised per delivery quantity at a rate per 1000 or per each, with the option to charge all origination costs on the first invoice. Another option allows for multiple jobs to be consolidated onto one invoice. All invoice types may be printed in an alternate currency and proforma invoices are also catered for. next

“Printcost has helped us make remarkable changes in the way CanPrint was run. With the help of Printcost, the company has reduced its overheads and increased production.
There used to be 98 staff here, which we reduced to 62 five years ago. Now we’ve grown to 160 staff and our revenue has expanded ten fold. Printcost has played a huge role in our success.
The staff are also very happy with Printcost – they were using another system which cost a fortune. Now, with Printcost, they can quote a lot faster and more competitively.”
David Daniel, MD of CanPrint Communication, Canberra, Australia