Printcost is…

…a modular system available in three powerful packs which may be purchased or leased. Printcost automates the quoting procedure by calculating the most cost effective way to produce the job – based on the specific setup of your business.

The Printcost Dashboard can be configured by user type according to the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) required, e.g. to show quote conversion percentage by sales rep or the total sales month to date compared with budget etc.

“Printcost showed us they’d be flexible and helpful in customising the products to meet the internal needs of the University – whereas the competitors more or less didn’t want to know.
We’ve found that because Printcost has offices in the UK and Australasia, the support effectively never sleeps. The bottom line? Printcost delivers a helpful, friendly service and a reliable, reasonably-priced product that works.”

Francis Reis, University of Plymouth, UK