Are you ready to rethink the rules?

Talk to any print and production manager and a common question emerges: “Where can I find an alternative to expensive, overly-complex, and inflexible print management software?” The answer is Printcost, the end-to-end, flexible, customer-focused management information system.

The power of Printcost.

Printcost combines the very latest digital workflow protocols with a sensible, balanced yet powerful feature set. With Printcost all your needs are covered from quoting & estimating, production and management through to job ordering, workflow analysis and stock control.

Printcost ticks all the right boxes

Flexibility is at the heart of the Printcost philosophy – and we’re not just talking about our products. When it comes to MIS solutions, exceptional service and support is crucial – and one of the key areas where we stand out from the rest.

30+ years of knowledge

Experience really does count. Back in 1981, the first Printcost MIS was installed at a small print shop. Today, our MIS solutions are distributed world wide. All along our focus has remained the same: deliver a robust, flexible, cost-effective suite of products backed by fast, responsive service and support.

“We first installed Printcost in 1995 when the company had 35 staff, since then various modules have been added to keep up with the increasing requirements of the company, which now has 100-plus staff. One of the biggest benefits I get from Printcost is the KPI reports. It used to take us one hour per day to compile the spread sheet, but now ePrintcost does it all automatically and sends it to me wherever I am in the world."

Fred Soar, Soar Printing, Auckland, New Zealand.